Smoke'em if you got'em.  Quit if you don't.

Part of the crew at a NSTRA trial 
Pistol 10-28-18 Hunt Test 
Deluge 10-28-18 Hunt Test 
11-3-2018 GSP of OK AKC Field Trial 
11-3-2018 Pistol OK  
12-8-2018 HOA Cameron, MO 
Sunflower GSP 2-9-19 
Pistol Ponca OK 2-16-19 
Deluge Ponca OK 2-16-19 
Pistol SKBC March 17, 2019 
4-27-19 SKBC Hunt Test 
4-28-19 Justice and Pistol 
May 11, 2019 Skyline Deluge 
5-11-19 Skyline  
Bragging about KCK GUNDOG'S