Started Dogs

KCKS definition of a started dog is the following:
Will come to their name, exposed to gunfire and birds correctly, has been on a tie out, is used to dragging a check cord, is steady to scent depending on level of training and may be started on whoa depending on level of training. We consider our started dogs as having an excellent foundation of training and possess considerable experience with birds. A started dog will require reinforcement of basic commands, consistent exposure to WILD birds in a hunting setting and experience hunting birds in nature to become consistent experienced bird dogs.

We focus on bringing the natural instinct of the Brittany breed to point and hold to scent of the bird through controlled bird training. We use limited pressure and allow the dog to train themselves.

Hunting behind a dog that wont hold is very frustrating. I have bred my line of Brittany since 1992 to produce dogs that desire to hold point naturally, with limited training. Our dogs point and hold early in their lives. This instinct becomes a habit. Your hunting pleasure is the result.


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