Lisa Olson:
Thanks for the great website.  I finally got to see Wisdom and email Pete's brothers a picture through your site! Bill Chapin:
Enjoyed your site. Bill Harmon:
Zappa is truly a great birddog Somsri Ziegler:
We enjoy viewing your web site. The dogs look great. Kenny Knecht:
Purchased a 7 wk old male from you early this year. This is the third well bred gun dog I have trained. This dog is very smart a quick learner and wants to please. He is 10 mos. old and is retrieving to hand, blind retrieves, whistle commands, and hand commands and everything I ask. CRAIG B.:
Very nice looking dogs, I will keep your site bookmarked when I am ready for my next Brittany. Shawn Grunewald:
I have the gyp that Ron Millard contacted you about breeding. Tom Kosmack:
Mr. Carr,
This past weekend I had a chance to judge in a NSTRA trail a pup that you sold to a Mr. Rumpell in Arizona. I would like to say that you did a fine job in that breeding! This little, less than 2 year old female was noting short of a bullet! Brad Jenkins:
Clayton, Congrats on getting your championship!  I ran into someone this last weekend at a NSTRA Trial in Utah and he had nothing but positive things to say about you and your dogs.  Keep up the great work with those Britts! Matthew Berryhill:
You have raised some wonderful looking dogs! They seem to be wonderful hunting and trialing dogs. Casey:
Just a brittany owner/lover checking out brittany sites! Rick Haffner:
I enjoyed the web site, I like the family involvement. I'm casually looking for a Brittany. I've been without a dog the last two seasons and it isn't the same. I had two Brittany's one died of old age at 14 and her daughter died of cancer. I'm looking for bob iodice:
Love your dogs, my britt died at 17 dont know if he can be replaced. I'll keep u in mind when i decide to get another. john  rice:
Good looking dogs jack walden:
very interesting site Bobby Buff:
Researching for my first Brittany Karl Harrell:
Great looking dogs mike roush:
love the web site. Kevin Thornton:
I own a Britt and enjoy your site Phill McGee:
Great looking dogs and good lines Les Wynn:
Sweet buck!!!  I gotta find one like that except the don't grow that kind out here.  Sherry and Larry:
Currently looking for our third Britt in three decades--very interested in your dogs! Mike:
Dozer is a solid little dog.  Pleasure to hunt behind.  I am truely impressed how well started he was. Season ended today and I will be looking forward to next year and seeing Dozer do it all consistently. Bud Van Horn:
Clayton, Lucky is doing great. He is used to us and seems to be very happy. Doing well fetching and retrieving. Comes when called. We are very happy with him. Thanks, the Van Horns mike lawrence:
love those brits!! Joe:
Post Not Active Jeff Eckel:
Looking to get a started Brittany around November and will keep checking back with you around then. Post Not Active Post Not Active Post Not Active Post Not Active Matthew Roy:
Gunner is looking forward to his first season.  I hope he turns out half as good as you say he is:) Post Not Active Post Not Active Joe:
Brittany Spaniels are some of the prettiest dogs around and they have the temperment and hunting instincts it takes to make a bird gunner dream of hunts yet to come. Post Not Active Mike:
Just wanted to say that I bought 2 pups from the Carrs last year('12), they are great people and have exceptional dogs. The pups I got are naturals. Lot's of personality, crazy about birds, smart, healthy, love to learn, great pets and overall just happy dogs. Anyone looking for a Brittany has found the right place. I feel lucky to have found KCK's. I recommend anyone looking for a Brittany to give them a call.
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